The Flood of 2015


Sadly, on late Wednesday night, July 1, 2015 we had a torrential storm and lost 17 of our little goats as 4 feet of water tore through our farm. Eight were adults and nine were this year’s babies. We will post their names and photos at a later date, when more time is available. Thank all of you for thoughts, prayers and kindness.


A special thanks goes to Teena Bagwell of Gypsy Moon Nigerians for creating a “Go Fund Me” page to help offset our loses, as our insurance does not cover tools, outbuildings or our beloved animals.


Here is a link to a local online news feed page of the St. Louis Post Dispatch called "St. Louis Today". If you click this link you can see a pictorial editorial featuring the damage to our valley as well as the surrounding areas.


Lou Anne & Gary



This is an overall view of our north pasture where our doe pens are located. The water was deeper than ever before, due to eight plus inches of rain in a two hour period (possibly more). This caused a log jam in a major bridge downstream making the water level rise in record amounts and record time, preventing us from completing our evacuation.


Busy Browser Flooded Pens


A closer view from the North pasture reveals the downed fences and chaos from the force of the water. If you look closely you’ll see a red gate at the northwest corner of our doe pen. Even though there was over a foot of water at that point there wasn’t enough current to take the fence down, nor did we lose any goats in this pen.


Busy Browser Flood Damaged Barn


This is our bottom barn by the creek. The water swept away the supporting columns to the lean-to as well as tore away much of the siding. You can still see a goat ramp standing in the two stalls at the left side of the barn. There we found Jasmine and Sugar Baby, but that was all.


Busy Browser Flooded North Barn Wall


Again, this view shows the force of the water as it took out much of a solid oak 2”x6” wall. You can also see sections of a roof and siding from a house 2000 feet up stream. It was devastating to many families that live in this valley.


Busy Browser Creek Side of Barn


This is the creek side of our barn. You can see where the water diverted and blew out the side. We had a chainsaw on a shelf on the blown out wall that was found 1500 feet downstream. The paint was worn off of one side and it was full of gravel, but the bar and chain where still intact. A friend now has that saw running!


Mama & baby pen 1


The water was to the bottom of the elevated goat house. Fortunately our doe pens go up hill and we had two such houses in this pen. Unfortunately we lost two mamas and three babies in this pen. It’s very tough to think about.


Mama & baby pen 2


This is looking north into the pasture showing what was normally 4 pens and the pasture. There is also the upper pen by the road that was unharmed and the pen by the old barn which will never be rebuilt.


Baby Buck Pen


This is the most gut wrenching as this is where we put the 6 weanling bucks to rescue them from their pen by the creek. This brings more nightmares to us than we care to mention and will haunt us for a long time to come. The water rose so fast, we didn’t get a second chance to save them.


Busy Browser Flooded Garden


Here you see Jasmine (our last horned goat) and Sugar baby. During the storm the building to the right had over 12 inches of water. We later found a little fish lying on the ground just to the left of it. Our house was about 6-8 feet from the water line. Behind you see our garden, which was moved to an area that couldn’t be flooded…wrong!


Busy Browser Flooded South Pasture


This is an overall view looking to our South pasture. To the left at the large bare spot, we watched a 10x12 building float away through lightning strikes as our electric was out. To the right (just out of view) was another 10x12 building that housed our 16 hp generator, a riding mower and various other tools. They found the generator jammed under a low-water bridge and both buildings scattered and bashed against the trees at the end of the far pasture. The riding mower was located about a mile downstream. All was lost from both sheds.


This area also had two buck pens that are completely gone but both Rocky and Dunny were safely tucked away in our upper barn. There was an old 1950’s Dodge pickup bed conversion trailer that has yet to be recovered.


Busy Browser Flooded 8N Tractor


Our old 1948 8N tractor was completely immersed under water and moved about 50 feet, as was a plow and grader blade. I am still working on the tractor when time allows and hope to get it running.