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News updated on August 23, 2016

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Rocky’s First Party!
(August 30, 2014)

On Labor Day weekend 2014, Rocky had his first retirement party…no, not for him, but for Dennis Pytleski at Ballwin, Missouri. His son-in-law Matt Siemer came up with this great idea based on a 40th birthday party given for Mr. Pytleski 25 years ago. In that case the “old goat” got loose adding a little unplanned excitement to the event.

To the contrary, Rocky was well behaved, tolerating his new found sign board and walks with the children at the capable hands of Mr. Pytleski and was more worried about eating grass than the festivities. For the record the grass was all natural with no chemicals.
Thank you Matt for choosing Busy Browsers to help you celebrate this meaningful event!


Watch the video here:


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More From Massachusetts!
(July 13, 2014)
Rosasharn PG Magic Love Potion
(Thank you Anne for these gorgeous girls!)

On Thursday, July 11, 2014 Anne Petersen of Rosasharn Farm NDG was involved in a terrible accident while taking her most prized goats to the ADGA Nationals in Kentucky. You can read the full story in the Sun Chronicle. Among them was our little “Golden Nugget”, Rosasharn PG Magic Love Potion (Rosasharn BH Pino Grigio +S x ARMCH Rosasharn TL Bewitched 6 *D, 6*M). Born April 1, 2014 she proved to be a lucky survivor with barely a scrape, but it became certain that we wouldn't be picking her up in Lexington.

Anne contacted us and we assured her we understood the gravity of her situation and not to worry about us. However, that isn’t Anne’s nature and as she tended to broken legs and hearts, she also found time to make shipping arrangements. On July 21st not only did we get Nugget, but we also received a dainty 2012 doe from Anne, named Rosasharn SH Sauvignon Blanc (Rosasharn’s Son Of Honey *S *V x Rosasharn TL Chardonnay 6*D 5*M). They are two striking little beauties as well as very personable girls!



Algedi Farm DJ Wedded Bliss and girls!
(June 1, 2014)
Busy Browsers gets another Algedi doe
(Thanks once again to Dana & Siena of Alethia Homestead for these gorgeous girls!)

On Saturday, May 31, 2014 it was a very busy, but delightful day as one of our doe’s delivered a little buck and doe and shortly after our friend Sara delivered three much anticipated doe’s from California! They include a 2011 dam; Algedi Farm DJ Wedded Bliss (GCH Algedi Farm Drops Of Jupiter x GCH Buttin' Heads Wedding Proposal) and her two Algedi Farm Smokin' Hot Honey daughters, Alethia SHH Something Blue and Alethia SHH Wedding Bells.



Tested Negative Again!
(March 3, 2014)
Busy Browseers tests negative for CAE

Our herd will be tested again in October 2014 for CAE (caprine arthritis encephalitis). Our 2013 juniors does were tested in March 2014 and are negative for CAE.



Another Great Buck!
(August 20, 2013)
Alethia DJ Done It Again
(Thank you so much Dana & Siena of Alethia Homestead for our gorgeous boy!)

Here is our future junior herd sire "Alethia DJ Done It Again" (Dunny). We are ecstatic to add this gorgeous boy to our herd. He is so correct, extremely long and dairy, beautiful legs and is just overall perfect in our eyes and more than we could have ever ask for. I have wanted a "Algedi Farm Drops Of Jupiter" son and/or daughter for so very long and now we finally have one, but even better is that he is also out "Alethia CTO Dew It Again" who is a daughter of the incredible doe "Algedi Farm DJ Honey Dew" The milk genetics are second to none. We have very high expectations for which we know he will fill!



Goat Surfing 101!
(April 20, 2013)

We’re living up to our name at Busy Browsers Nigerians and have been so busy delivering kids we haven't had time to update the news! Maybe this is a good time to explain what “Goat Surfing” is with this little slide show of Teddy surfing Scamper!



slide show of Goat Surfing
(Photos courtesy of Crystal Komfeld)



Akamai’s first kids!
(Jan. 31, 2013)
Foo Foo's cake
(Photo courtesy of Lysa Roman)

We at Busy Browsers Nigerians and Lazy R Ranch are proud grandparents as of January 23 & 26, 2013! Congratulations to Lysa & Kevin at Lazy R Ranch in Arizona on your gorgeous new baby’s out of both your beautiful doe’s “CBF TD Kokoro Kiseki 2*D” and “Cactus Rose Kaimana” and to your beautiful buck “Busy Browsers Akamai” (1 buckling, 5 doe’lings)



Foo Foo's popularity Grows!
(Jan. 17, 2013)
Foo Foo's cake
(Photo courtesy of Tina Mecey)

Busy Browsers Lil’ Bunny Foo Foo is one of our most popular little doe’s. It has often been said “you could just eat her right up” and now, thanks to one of our clients (Tina Mecey and her daughter Jazmin) several people have as she has been featured on a Birthday cake! (It should be mentioned that this is the only way our goats are eaten :)


New Buck!
(Oct. 1, 2012)

We are more than excited! Our new Rosasharn buck has finally arrived at the Busy Browser farm! He is “Rosasharn RS B My Rock Star”. We feel so blessed to have him join our family. He is out of the lovely Champion doe “ARMCH Rosasharn’s UMT Honey Bee 4*D E, 4*M” and his sire is the wonderfully bred, beautiful buck “Rosasharn GX Ringo Star”. The genetics on this new boy can’t be beat and we are hoping to have exciting babies from him in the near future. Keep checking our kidding schedule, as he will certainly be breeding a few doe’s this year. Thank you Anne for such an incredible boy!


New Doe’s
(June 16, 2012)

Also at Busy Browsers we have added some wonderful new doe’s to our little farm; “Algedi Farm SS Queen Bee”, “Algedi Farm SS Odesa” and “Jasper Pine TN Scamper”. We are so thrilled to acquire them and blessed to now have a daughter and a granddaughter of the incredible doe “SGCH Rosasharn’s UMT Tupelo Honey”, but also so sad for Algedi Farms when we heard of her passing. That incredible doe will surely be missed.

We also added another Rosasharn bred doe “Little Tots Estates Vitex” who is a daughter of “Rosasharn Sequoia” and “Rosasharn Iki”, who is the full sister to Buckwheat Honey (AGS Rosasharn’s TL Buckwheat Honey is Rosasharn’s “Highest Lifetime Milk Production & Butterfat Production on ADGA Test”).

These doe’s have produced some gorgeous babies so far and will hopefully be producing more incredible babies for us for many years to come!

We will strive to breed the best we can, along with continuing to enjoy our little goats! Just enjoying them is what it is all about first and foremost.


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