I am Lou Anne Schutte and run a small farm located in east central Missouri. I have owned Nigerian Dwarf goats on and off since 1995, but didn’t start breeding them until 2003. My husband Gary (who helps and gives his full support) and I thoroughly enjoy our little goats. Together, we run a 24/7 Nigerian Dwarf goat breeding farm and there is always someone here to tend to the animal’s needs.

We breed AGS/ADGA stock and have some of the best show/udder genetics out there focusing mainly on the lines of Rosasharn and Algedi Farms. Our program will continue to strive for lots of dairy character and top quality udders. We test our herd every year, and have strict Bio Security practices.

Any and all prospective homes are screened before a sale to make sure our animals only go where they are wanted and cared for properly. I should also mention we only sell intact bucks that we feel are worthy to be a breeding animal and would use in our own program, if not retained for our herd. The remainder will be wethered and sold as pets.

As you browse our pages we hope you enjoy our site. Please don’t hesitate to email us to ask about a particular goat, future breeding or just to talk goats! We love promoting the Nigerian Dwarf goat breed and will try to help you in any way we can. You’re always welcome to call, but we would prefer emails when possible as they fit our busy schedules much better!

Besides our little goats we have our Toy Manchester Terriers, Char and her grandson Jo Jo, a Morgan gelding, Stanley and our Arabian mare, Rutez as well as our Bresse chickens. Although we take our little goats very seriously there’s no mistaking we are in it for the fun!

My husband Gary designed and developed this website as well as many others. If you’re interested in his services, please visit his portfolio site at Shootys Graphix.