Busy Browsers To Lumnah Acres

These two beautiful boys went to a wonderful home in New Hampshire to live with Al, Gina and Olivia Lumnah of Lumnah Acres, which happen to share our core values in family, farm and life.  Caleb and “Zeek” will be their future herd sires starting their new job this fall.   😊


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Not only is the Lumnah family very likable, but Al has a lot of trick’s up his sleeve to help “Modern Steaders”.  Al & Gina are two smart cookies and with the help of Caleb and Zeek, will do well with their breeding program!  Mostly we’ll get to see our boys grow up and pass on their wonderful milking genetics that we’ve tried so hard to develop!  You should also visit the Lumnah Acres website as it has a ton of helpful information!  Please subscribe to their channel!

A Very Important Note About Caleb

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One of our little bucks, “Caleb” was actually named after our little friend Caleb Scanlon who at only 12 years of age was forced into a battle with cancer, rather it seems his body lacks the genetics to fight cancer. This is a new condition that is charting new ground. Our heart goes out to his grandparents Bill & Cis, who are our good friends as well as his parents Jeff, Sara his sister Grace and his entire family.

Fortunately, Caleb does not have a laid back mentality and has fought with the gusto of a major league ball player! Of course it helps to have a strong family network and to be from a great sports town like St. Louis in which many Blues and Cardinals have supported him 200%. Even Albert Pujols gave him the bat that he smacked a home run with against the Red Birds when in town with the Los Angeles Angles! Just the kind of thing to keep a young boys spirit going!

Of course it doesn’t hurt that St. Louis also has world renown doctors and hospitals, especially in the field of Oncology. “After 15(ish) rounds of chemo and 25 radiation treatments, we are off to yet another something new! Our road down the immunotherapy journey has officially begun!”, said Caleb’s mother Sara.  While it is early on, he is responding well so lets all pray this is the ticket.

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