Busy Browser’s Sale Policy


Busy Browsers has the right to cancel a sale or reservation at any time, for any reason. In the event of such cancellation all monies will be returned to buyer. In the event a reservation is not filled, Busy Browsers will also return deposit on unborn kid, unless a substitution has been worked out ahead of time. Busy Browsers will NOT return money or deposit if buyer backs out on sale for any reason.



We require a deposit of $100 to hold any unborn goat. You will be placed on a reserve list in the order that we’ve received your request and deposit on a selected doe.


Unless your goat(s) has become unavailable due to illness or death, deposits are nonrefundable in which case all monies paid will be returned providing a substitution has not been arranged. To be clear; if YOU decide you do not want your (healthy) goat after deposit or payment is made, your money will not be returned. If a reserved doe does not deliver the gender of your selection and you do not wish to substitute from another available doe, a full refund of your reservation deposit will be made available within two weeks of your request.


Pick Up

Balance on babies is due in full at 4 weeks of age. After payment is made we will inform you of the weaning and availability dates. If you are to pick your goat up you will have one week after such date to pick up your baby or have arrangements made for pick up. If you do not there will be a $2 per daily fee assessed from the pick-up date to the day you finally pick your goat up, unless a prior arrangement is discussed and agreed upon. If your goat(s) are not picked up within 30 days from the availability date it (they) will be resold and you will forfeit all money paid.


Prior to departure, goats will be disbudded, have all necessary shots, de-worming and be physically/mentally healthy before leaving our farm. Once they leave our farm they become YOUR responsibility and we will no longer be responsible for them.


We do and have shipped goats by air, but buyers are responsible for all vet exams/health certificates and shipping cost, which include currier fee’s, cost of shipping container and its associated elements. Prices will vary.


We love our little goats and are happy that you are providing a great home for them, but if for some unforeseen reason, you can’t keep your goat we maintain first right of refusal. Even though we may be unable to take them ourselves, we will help your baby goat find an approved home by contacting clients.


Thank you, “Busy Browsers Nigerian Dwarf Goats”.