Years ago I researched a lot of Nigerian Dwarf dairy goat bloodlines. Even though there were and still are so many wonderful lines out there, I chose to breed only a couple of lines to strive for consistency.  I chose a few of the old lines and Rosasharn Farm.  Most of my stock is Rosasharn, Algedi and Alethia which most were originally born from the Rosasharn line.  I also have some Buttin’ Heads which I love also and that line has been a very nice compliment. I am very happy with the outcome.

We practice strict bio security on our farm and we don’t allow visitors in the pens with our goats or just random touching, especially  if they have goats, sheep, etc.  We only bring in animals from farms that also practice strict Bio Security and have only added a few animals in the last several years.  Soon we hope to totally close our herd, bringing nothing new in until we retire.

In case you’re wondering the little buckling to the right was named Trio and he seems to be very popular on the internet as we see him pop up every now and then.  Most importantly, his dam was a solid black doe.  It’s important to note this breed is all about milking and the udder genetics, as you can never predict color, it’s just icing on the cake! 🙂

We hope you enjoy our website and looking at our little treasured herd.

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Lou Anne, Gary and all the Critters.